(translation) Sodagreen “Little Universe”

Another translation, this time of a song by Taiwanese band Sodagreen. This song has more of a rock sound to it, but generally the band’s discography tends to consist more of pop ballads. The lyrics were a little trickier to translate given their flowery language.

A couple of notes to Chinese learners:

  1. 車水馬龍 is a highly applicable 成語
  2. I didn’t include Pinyin with this translation, but I can do you one better. Use (but don’t overuse) this Chrome extension to look up words/characters by hovering over them in your browser
蘇打綠「小宇宙」 Sodagreen “Little Universe”
序言 Forward
即使你的星球 Even if your world
和我的星球不一樣 And my world aren’t the same
但總有一條軌道 There is always a way
是可以被尋我 To find me
可以相通吧 So we can connect
主歌1 Verse 1
左手邊一個年輕人插隊 On my left, a young man cuts in line
看一眼看一眼 Looking at me
眼神充滿不屑 His expression is filled with disdain
電扶梯一對情侶相依偎 On the escalator, a couple huddles together
你看我我看你 Looking at each other
擋在走道左邊 Taking up the left side of the walkway
左手邊一個婦人丟紙屑 On my left, a woman litters scraps of tissue
走向前走向前好像沒有不對 Moving ahead as if nothing’s wrong
公車站車門停在我面前 At the bus stop, the bus door stops in front of me
擠向前擠向前 Everyone crowds forward
把我擠回路邊 Pushing me back to the side of the street
賣衣服的店員態度就好像 The attitude of the clothing shop assistant is as if
我花錢我花錢只是買她臭臉 I’m spending money just to buy her scowl
不太熟的朋友靠近我身邊 A stranger* comes near me
他的嘴他的臉充滿世故氣味 His mouth and face are full of worldliness
為何這城市為所欲為 Why does this city do whatever it wants?
我只要只屬於我的宇宙 I just want to belong to my own universe
副歌 Chorus
給自己一些從來沒有過的 Give yourself some time for peace and quiet
寧靜快樂季節 To be happy like never before
已老去的歲月化成蝴蝶 Days past turn into butterflies
都飛翔在我的房間 And fly around my room
向時間交換來的新語言 I’m thankful for the experiences† I’ve gained over time
和心上的山水說聲謝謝 And the landscapes etched on my heart
面對著那些不美的世界 Facing all those unbeautiful worlds
都不想不去掛念 Don’t think about them, don’t concern yourself
主歌2 Verse 2
左手邊車水馬龍吐著煙 On my left, the heavy traffic coughs up smoke
壓過線闖過街 It presses over the line and through the street
直到我看不見 Until I can’t see it anymore
右手邊充滿暴躁的情節 On my right, everyone’s irritated
一支筆一條線通通畫下句點 With a pen and a line, I put a period to it all
橋接 Bridge
回到我的世界 I return to my own world
無謂的事都走遠 Leaving all the trivial things far behind
主歌3 Verse 3
左手邊窗簾拉開了一些 On my left, I part the curtains slightly
我的房間我的身邊多了一些光纖 My room gets a little brighter
瞬間瞳孔縮小了一些 In an instant, my pupils contract a bit
我的房間我的身邊充滿鮮艷藍天 My room is filled with the fresh blue sky
右手邊音樂放大了一些 On my right, I turn up the music slightly
我的房間我的身邊多了一些氣味 My room has a little more atmosphere
一瞬間心門拉開了一些 In an instant, my heart opens a bit
我的房間我的身邊充滿想象空間 My room is filled with space for imagination
* Could also be interpreted literally as “a not-too-close friend”
† Literally “new language,” but I assume here it’s a metaphor.

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